Patrizia Aryton
Marcin Biedroń


11 exceptional women. Each with a baggage of experience and history that could be an inspiration for Hollywood screenwriters. They change the world around them while inspiring others to change. They are not looking for cheap applause and recognition in the eyes of others. Each of them, looking in the mirror. Sees a fulfilled woman. Aware of her self-worth, accepting herself 100% and living in harmony with herself. That is why the PATRIZIA ARYTON brand invited them to cooperate on the latest campaign under. The slogan is “You are perfect when you are yourself”. We had the pleasure to implement.  Please meet our role models:


Sometimes, all you need is an impulse, one meeting, one man to make a decision to leave the comfort zone and turn your life upside down. This was the case of Dorota Raczkiewicz, a great journalist who quit her job on television for activities at the Dar Szpiku foundation dealing with the prevention of blood cancer and the promotion of the idea of bone marrow transplantation.


Music shaped her, tempered her teenage rebellion, and her children are humbled by her children, with whom she works at the performances of the Sopot Musical Theater Baabus Musical. The theater is a project of her life, but also for many of her young pupils has become a way of life. Jagoda Kościk feels a burden on her, but – as she says – she calmly looks in the mirror, because she does what she loves and managed to achieve what she dreamed of.

I am multi-dimensional as female is multi-dimensional.

Aneta Łanocha

She fell ill with anorexia at the age of 13. At subsequent therapies, she heard that she had to believe in herself, accept herself, love herself, but no one told her how to do it. The answer was given to her by Dr. Hawkins, a psychiatrist who developed a method of releasing emotions and working on one’s own consciousness. Today, Aneta Łanocha is a self-conscious woman. She fully accepts herself and willingly shares her experience with others, changing their lives for the better.

Everything is perfect as it is.


“Thank you for the advice that I close the Bar Room – I will not do it because, regardless of the views of some of you, I have been showing in it for several years that an attorney can speak with a human voice. For many people this is important. “ This quote, originating from the blog Attorney Room, perfectly characterizes its author. The lawyer Joanna Parafianowicz. She propagates the legal ethos, breaks stereotypes, condemns the vices of the profession and shows its true face.

Sylwia ZarzyckA

There is no more beautiful love than parents’ love for sick children – says Sylwia Zarzycka. She is the legal advisor and president of the “Between Heaven and Earth” Foundation. An accidental meeting with the terminally ill girl’s mother changed her life forever. As she says, she gave her life meaning and value. It is for her to help children for whom there is no help and families who have sacrificed everything for their children.

Between Heaven and Earth.

Photographer: Marcin Biedroń | A12.
Cinematography & editing: Przemek Kaczy Grabicki
Jurnalist: Jakub Jakubowski
Assistant: Michał | UV Studio
Make up: Dagmara Śrama – Pieńkowska
Hair: Katarzyna Olkowska
Style: Patrycja Cierocka, Magdalena Właszczynowicz
Producer: Monika Biedroń | A12.
Project producer: Justyna Sobierajska – Gadzińska