#IsupportPolishbrands is one of the support actions closest to our heart during the COVID-19 era. We are proud that our clients include Polish companies and producers who actively support the services that save our health and life.


Among them, the Coemi brand, which sews masks supporting medics as part of the campaign Łódź sews for medics and Pabianice sews for medics. Our recent implementation for Coemi will not see the light of the day until autumn, but today as part of supporting and spreading good information we leave a small taste from the session, of course, Marcin Biedron’s hand.
Photographers: Marcin Biedron, Maciej Skwara and Dorota Porębska took part in the implementation for Coemi. It was a 3-day production in several locations and with many beautiful pictures that we will share in some time. Be with us and leave my heart to Coemi for what they do! 🧡